Making money by starting a junk hauling company

start hauling

When you wish to make easy money and want to be your boss, starting a small junk removal business is something that will earn you a lot and will make your dream come true.

It’s simple, and people pay you just for removing their trash! Just a couple of things you need to consider and get going with the task.

  • Before you start, make a market survey, check out your competitors, find the area where there is no junk hauling company and start from there. Do a simple google search for “Junk Removal [city name]”.  If you live in a large city you’ll find that 1-800 Got Junk, College Hunks, and possibly JDog Junk Removal is near you. In this case, focus on creating your business around a local niche area; such as a small suburb our cities which surround the main metro area.


  • Check all the legalities concerning the junk removal; there could be some rules and regulations to be followed for the junk removal as there are hazardous trash items too and recycling rules need to be considered as well.
  • Try spending some time with some junk removal company and find out the secrets to success.
  • Get a truck and get started!
  • If you already have a truck you have got half the job done, just try getting some paid jobs from the local clients and get the feel of the work.
  • During research, understand a few things that the junk removal job is seasonal. You will get more work in the summer and spring days while fewer jobs in fall and winter.
  • Realistically set your goals and try achieving the smaller goals before setting a large one.
  • Make a few rules and abide by them no matter what, be punctual, be on time and be friendly and polite to the clients.

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